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All-In Construction Services works with a variety of unique and specialty renovation financing options. Because of our years of experience working with renovation mortgages, and the unique internal processes required, we have become pros at meeting the demands for a variety of unique financing products.

Loans Available to Homeowners

Renovation Loans

Renovation loans are mortgage products that allow the borrower to fund the purchase of a home & the renovation in ONE loan with ONE closing. These loan products are offered by a variety of lenders and can be used for a home purchase or as a refinance option. All-In has worked with many local and national qualified lenders and we are happy to refer you to some pros we know.

Ask your mortgage company if one of these options will work for you:

  • FHA 203K
  • Fannie Mae HomeStyle
  • VA Renovation Loan

VA Grants

Veterans with qualifying service related disabilities may have access to one or more of the following VA Grants. These grants have the ability to cover all or some of the costs associated with modifying and updating a home.

  • Specially Adapted Housing (SAH Grant)
  • Special Home Adaption (SHA Grant)
  • Home Improvement & Structural Alteration (HISA Grant)
  • Veteran Resources

Home Equity Lines & Loans

Home Equity is an asset, so it’s a part of your total net worth. You can take partial or lump-sum withdrawals out of your equity. There are several ways to put that asset to work. Some of the most popular uses of home equity are for:

  • Renovating
  • Repairing
  • Updating 

Our financing partners.

The following financial institutions have served All-In Construction Clients and have experience lending for Home Renovation Projects. We encourage you to explore these options. Both lenders offer no pre-payment penalty, no home equity or appraisal required. Apply now by clicking on the images below.

Insurance Claims

If you have home damage and have filed a claim, you may be looking to hire a GC to complete the work. Although, the insurance company is only responsible to cover what is listed in the claim. Many homeowners use this time to do additional renovations independently from the insurance claim.

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