New Certified Military Housing Specialist (CMHS) at All-In.

All-In Construction Services’, Brad Prince, is now a Certified Military Housing Specialist (CMHS). Prince serves as the Director of Construction at All-In Construction Services, and has always been a strong supporter of our active US Military and veterans. Brad Prince is now a Certified Military Housing Specialist (CMHS) by Boots Across America. As a housing professional, this certification provides Prince with the tools needed to offer highly skilled assistance to our service members. Many skills provided by this course are valuable to All-In, as the company actively works with many service members as a VA approved contractor.

With 70+ different pay categories, service members’ housing and budgeting needs are complex. Because of this, anyone who provides services to this group must have a clear and accurate understanding of how to work with them. For instance, because of these efforts affordable and sustainable mortgages are more likely to remain viable, keeping foreclosures down, neighborhoods lively and home values stable. Accurate income calculation is imperative for the positive outcome of any loan. The completion of the Certified Military Home Specialist course will help all providers understand this.

As a result, the CMHS course provides a way for our communities of lenders and housing professionals to work together to prevent foreclosures nationwide. With teams of “local military experts,” entire communities can work together toward better neighborhoods and living opportunities for all.

A Team Effort

All-In Construction Services offers home remodeling and renovations services. The company often works with service members and disabled veterans on home modification projects funded by VA loans and/or VA grants. For example: Renovation Loans, HISSA Grants, SAH Grants, etc. Although, All-In is in the residential construction industry, entire certified teams come together with CMHS to ensure accurate and timely closings for their military clients:

  • Lenders
  • Realtors/Real Estate Agents
  • Processors
  • Underwriters
  • Housing counselors
  • Home inspectors
  • Builders
  • Attorneys
  • Title companies/Closer’s
Brad Prince
Certified Military Housing Specialists
CMHS Level One Certification

In conclusion, All-In Construction Services is proud of Mr. Prince because he has joined an elite group of professionals. Military life presents unique circumstances and issues for our service members and their families.
Can we really make a difference for them? YES, together, we can!

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